Pure Illumination Lip Gloss

Natural Healing Lip Gloss

WOMEN EVERYWHERE ARE RAVING ABOUT PURE ILLUMINATION The Lano Company introduces new breakthrough 3-in-1 lip gloss product RAYMORE, MO. November 1, 2009 – Club goers, women out on the town as well as women everywhere are raving about the new edgy lip gloss. Pure Illumination, created by The Lano Company is a fun 3-in-1 lip gloss product with a LED light feature and mirror. Women can now stay worry free with bad restaurant lighting or lack of lighting for that matter. Women are saying that lip gloss has been revolutionized because while hitting the town, the light shines directly on your lips during application! Additionally, women can lighten their purse load and ditch the compact completely. “My customers have been asking for our healing lip balm in a tube and we are delivering just in time for the Holidays,” says Coggins.” After looking for a year for the perfect container, we found it! Our new lip gloss tube is not only beautiful but fun! Our Pure Illumination gloss has a LED light that will help our customers put on our new colored gloss in even the darkest places and there is a mirror right on the side!” Miranda Coggins, founder of The Lano Company discovered the powers of lanolin after a visit to her doctor. After she experienced the amazing healing and shine resulting from lanolin application, she began searching for a lanolin-based lip treatment to purchase over-the-counter and was amazed to find that such a product did not exist. Miranda also discovered that most lip products do not utilize lanolin and if they did it was at the bottom of the list. The Lano Company’s latest creation utilizes the current formula everyone loves; adds a little color and is now available in a tube. The new LanoLip Illuminated Gloss is currently available in a three colors dreamy colors Brown Frost, a delicious Wine Berry, and a flirty, Pouty Pink! The natural gloss is also going to be available in a holiday red and clear gold frost; making this product the perfect stocking stuffer that also heals dry, chapped lips during the winter season. About LanoLip LanoLip inventor Miranda Coggins suffered from chronic chapped lips. She had been searching for a cure to relieve her cracked and dry lips for years. While nursing her daughter, she was introduced to lanolin-based products that helped discomfort and soreness during breastfeeding. She experimented by putting the lanolin-based product on her lips and realized for the first time that her lips actually felt relieved and healthy. Shortly after this discovery Miranda’s entrepreneurial spirit kicked-in. While mixing LanoLip™ Lip Balm, she combined the healing properties of medical-grade lanolin with jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, vitamin E and other natural ingredients and found she was able to repair even the worst case of dry, cracked lips while safeguarding against further damage. In January 2006, after brewing different lip balm prototypes over her kitchen stovetop, she began testing her unique blends on family and friends. Within a year of Miranda’s ah-ha moment, the Lano Company was officially born. In addition to her breakthrough product, LanoLip Lip Balm, Miranda also has focused on expanding her product offerings to include all-natural lip scrubs, therapeutic massage oil candles and hand inlaid crystal accessory items. Pure Illumination Gloss retails for $20.00 for the twist off LED or $20.00 for the Push Button LED. Pure Illumination gloss can be purchased online with FREE shipping, at select specialty boutiques and spas, www.TheLanoCompany.com or by phoning (866) 4MY-LANO. For more information visit http://www.TheLanoCompany.com or email us at LanoOrders@TheLanoCompany.com. ###

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